Why not equity release?

Could you downsize?

This means selling your home and buying a cheaper one. You will need to consider the stress and cost of moving home.

Do you have savings or investments you could use?

Could your savings or investments be restructured to improve your income?


Equity Release* will reduce the value of your estate so it is important to discuss your intentions with your family. We would recommend family members attend our meetings with you but ultimately this is your decision.

Could your family provide family assistance?

Have you considered other ways of borrowing money?

This could be a conventional mortgage or loan. However, these involve monthly repayments so would be subject to affordability.

State Benefits

You should check that you are receiving the benefits to which you are entitled. If you are receiving means tested benefits they may be lost or reduced as a result of undergoing equity release. We will help you understand the implications for you in your specific circumstances.

Are you eligible for a local authority grant?

Assistance may be available for some essential home improvements and repairs